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Busy S08E02: Povestea continua

Se spune “din batrani” ca orice corporatist are spirit de echipa , vointa, ambitie, putere de munca, .. *#&… Continuati voi. Un lucru pare insa sa-I lipseasca cu desavarsire: scopul in viata. Corporatia, amabila dupa cum o stim, mi-a dat o mana de...

Leave the gospel out of Eurovision

After a Saturday full of karting, bowling, pool, beers and rum, I barely opened my eyes on Sunday. I opened my computer to see my list of week-end work duties and I browsed the TVR’s site for the latest news. Guess what? Do you know the first 2 bands in...

Kiss and leave

I’m coming from one night out in the pubs after Xmas Party and I’m sober enough to write a coherent post and also drunk enough to tell things a guy won’t usually tell. I think I had a deja-vu tonight. One year ago, I thought my life is over. Today I...

Raluca, always in our hearts

Today is the first working day in the autumn. For most of us, it should be a relaxing day after some well-deserved weeks of holiday in the summer. For Raluca Stroescu , things weren’t so obvious in the latest years. The terms ‘holiday’, ‘weekend...

FAQ - Romania

Wow, you are the first Romanian I have ever met! Well, this is usually the first reaction of everybody on the island when I introduce myself. It is quite normal as the Romanian exodus does exceed neither the western coast of Ireland nor the eastern coast ...

Corporate culture - Romania vs EU

This post is dedicated to all those who think that Romania is fully integrated in EU at least on the corporate grounds. They may argue that there are the same definitions and characters both in EU and in Romania. Maybe we should review these terms. Step b...

The story of the man that saved Yahoo Messenger from restrictions

Once upon a time there was a bad, bad world full of prisons. All of them were big, with glass walls, with big names on them being known as MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES. Thousands of poor fellows were imprisoned by evil people called HR MANAGERS. Their life in ...

IAS 69 - Accouting for Girl Friends

Forget about IAS-39… Focus on IAS -69 : ))) (the financial services' auditors sick sense of humour, I know…) : ))) IAS 69 ::::Accounting for Girl Friends Objective: The objective of IAS 69 is to prescribe the accounting treatment for Girl fri...

Locatia: Livada cu caisi

E primavara, au inflorit pomii, unii chiar au infrunzit, si ce poate fi mai frumos si mai poetic decat sa privesti de la fereastra Corporatiei o livada de caisi, printre atatea dosare si laptopuri. Uneori, mai vezi un avion cum se pregateste sa aterizeze,...

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In the early spring of 2003, Lavinia, a lady from the HR department of a well-known multinational Company asked me for the first time this question. After four years, I still have not the slightest idea of what I’ll do in the spring of 2008. Perhaps ...

A better deal with another pimp?

Revin. Citat din "Are you a consultant or a prostitute?" :you constantly wonder if you could get a better deal with another pimp. Nu trecusera decat cateva luni de la intrarea in corporatie si deja ma gandeam cum mi-ar sta la una dintre firmele rivale. Mo...

Consultant sau prostituata?

Am bagat 2 posturi rapid aseara, m-a mai lasat inspiratia. De data asta o sa copiez unul ce l-am primit pe mail. O sa ma ajute punctul 22 sa explic in urmatorul post de ce ajunsesem la un moment dat sa caut concurenta. Lectura placuta! Are you a consul...

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