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Raluca, always in our hearts
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Today is the first working day in the autumn. For most of us, it should be a relaxing day after some well-deserved weeks of holiday in the summer. For Raluca Stroescu , things weren’t so obvious in the latest years. The terms ‘holiday’, ‘weekend’, “Christmas’ had a different meaning for her. According to an article published by EVZ, Raluca managed to escape from work and to arrive to the place where her friends celebrated New Year’s Eve close to midnight but she returned back to work at 5AM.

The day of 3 September 2007 should have been special for Raluca. It was supposed to be her first day in the Luxembourg practice of the multinational audit Company she was working for. It was supposed to be the beginning of a working program that ends in the evening rather than at midnight. It was supposed to be the start of free Saturdays. It was supposed to be the regaining of the normal, happy life she used to have.

Today was supposed to be the day when a new chapter in her life begins. Unfortunately, today is eternity for Raluca. Life had not enough patience for her to let her leave in Luxembourg. On 20 April, at 5:52 PM she had the last phone conversation with one of her colleagues. 28 minutes later she could not answer again. It was a Luxembourg call. How much she wished to answer it!

Four days later, a former colleague published on her blog an article called “Why is there so much pain???” I will quote her: Why do we work, hate, get mad when life is so short? How is it possible that a 30 years old human die alone with nobody close to her, with her only concern being work after work..... Where are the little pleasures and joys that make bright up your life and make you go on??? You cannot imagine how it feels when this happens to the person whom you’ve worked to so much.... I was close to end the same way, it was impossible not to be touched, I am not so powerful not to....If you know what it is all about...

Well, these are beautiful words but are ... only words. Three hours later she found “enough strength” to post another entry called “Perhaps such a tragedy won’t happen again”. So, I’ll just quote her again: My dears, I know that we cannot do anything for Raluca but we should act for those who work in the same manner and also for the employers taking advantage of the people. In this respect, I discussed the issue with Mediafax (the news agency) and now they’re working on an investigation. They are after CMU but also after the employer.

Six hours later, the video below was on the news.

It was a decent video, but it was also a source of speculations. And after that, the chain of agony for her beloved ones was longer and longer due to the press. The news, the blogs, the papers were full of lies like: She was a money grabber!, She knew nothing but promotions!, She was obsessed with work! Etc.

Well, you journalists, bloggers, social analysts and you, the former colleague with the blog quoted above, you knew NOTHING about Raluca! You didn’t even try to get to know her. One of my friends has a word: Never assume, always ask! Well, I guess this doesn’t work for you. Higher TV rating, more newspapers sold, higher number of unique IPs per day, this is what it really matters to you!

What about you, the one that worked more than 16 hours/day next to her? The one that wrote the two posts above? Do you think that working together makes you know her? How can you be so sure that she was lonesome? What do you know about her friends anyway? Do you know that she had the same friends for more than 12 years? What do you know about her hobbies, about her karate and French lessons she had recently? What do you know about her time and passion spent on furnishing her own apartment? Do you know the name of the cats she’s holding in her arms in the picture above? Do you have any idea how many cats were living with her?

Raluca was not the robot from the story that the press invented to sell their magazines. The comment from ProTV website is true. Raluca was a special person who had only one weakness: she didn’t know to say NO. Perhaps it’s time to get to know her better. There is one website about Raluca that her family created in her memory. And this site is..

You will find there more pictures about the joyful and happy girl that Raluca Stroescu was. Maybe you will not find the same detailed information that you used to find in the news. Maybe the emptiness in the souls of her family and friends cannot be filled as quickly as the thirsty of the journalists for the ratings. Maybe it will take a while to post all the pictures with her. And there are a lot of.

I am aware that I didn’t know either to get to know Raluca. I don’t think there are many who did. I just know that I miss her. I know that it is hard for me to know that today I will not receive the usual ‘New contacts’ mail from her. Maybe it is our duty to share the good memories about her on the website mentioned above. It is our duty to keep her image clean and undistorted from the bad things written lately. This site is for you, Raluca! You know that we will always keep you alive in our hearts!


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