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The story of the man that saved Yahoo Messenger from restrictions
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Once upon a time there was a bad, bad world full of prisons. All of them were big, with glass walls, with big names on them being known as MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES. Thousands of poor fellows were imprisoned by evil people called HR MANAGERS. Their life in prison was hard, working as slaves from 8 AM in the morning until midnight.

These prisons were run by cold blooded heartless ogres, namely GENERAL MANAGERS or CEOs. Their purpose in life was ruining people’s lives by assigning hard and impossible tasks to poor prisoners, namely the EMPLOYEES. They felt joy and pleasure by removing any piece of personal life from the life of their slaves.

The cruelness of the ogres had no limits. They were mean and insensible. Some of them decided even to take away the only joy in the live of the poor slaves: the pleasure to exchange instant messages with other slaves. They gave orders to their griffins, namely the IT MANAGERS to block the output port of Yahoo Messenger from their prisoners' computers.

The poor prisoners were hopeless. They had to use their mobile phones and to spend their small wages to cover the bills of thecalls to the beloved ones outside the walls. The ogres running the mobile careers were insatiable; they had huge rates especially for the calls from one career to another, reducing thus the prisoners’ wages.

Everything was dark until a Robin Hood appeared. His name was MEEBO. He invented a beautiful website allowing prisoners to connect to Yahoo Messenger via web. Their life improved significantly. Everything was fine until the griffins found out. They betrayed their colleagues and told the fact to the ogres. Later they were empowered by the ogres to reject the prisoners’ access to this site. Everyone’s life turned back to darkness again.

Later, new Robin Hoods appear. Their names were, and many others. They succeeded to reduce the slaves’ pain but only for a short time. The griffins were continuously hunting the prisoners, adding new web-sites to their black list, namely RESTRICTED SITES LIST. The prisoners were desperate.

Somewhere in Romania, a young Prince Charming lived. His name was CORPORATISTU. He managed to survive to the ogres and griffins rage, but a young witch had stolen his heart. Her name was THE SPOTLESS MIND (Neprihanita). She took it for good and locked it in another prison, three subway stations to the South of the county they lived in.

Prince Charming was sad and desperate. He tried to call her to take his heart back but the witch was evil. She denied the Prince the right to call her on her personal mobile and this happened even on the Prince’s name day. His only chance of communicating with the cruel witch was Yahoo Messenger. However, the ogre from the Prince’s prison did not care about his pain and restricted his access to all instant messaging web-sites.

Prince Charming did not discourage himself. He thought of alternative channels to use Yahoo Messenger and he bought a subscription for wap services from his GSM career. However, the GSM carrier was also managed by an avid ogre woman. Her name was not Fiona, like in Shrek, but Liliana. She restricted also somehow the Yahoo Messenger mobile application access to web because it reduces the value of voice services, meaning less money in the corporate account and automatically in the ogre’s personal account.

Anyhow, Prince Charming did not loose his optimism. He googled a lot and discovered after all another mobile phone application called MIG33. He opened an account with mig33 and logged in to his Yahoo account. He had finally had access to his friends list. Of course, some of them weren’t there after their ogres cut the access to Messenger.

He did not stop here. He discovered that the account created on mobile can also be accessed from his computer. The griffins did not discover this intelligent move because they did not know that this site allows access to instant messaging. Prince Charming was extremely unselfish. He opened an account from his phone to all his cell mates, so that they can enjoy the pleasure to chat with other prisoners from other fortresses. And they lived and shared instant messages happily ever after, without being discovered by the evil griffins and ogres.

Unfortunately, the story does not end here. Poor Prince Charming was glad that his cell mates and the readers of his blog can benefit from his researches but his heart was still at the bad witch. He did not manage to communicate again with her. He is still sad and he is determined to fight for his heart. He is grateful to all those that helped him to pass through this drama including cell mates, Yahoo pals and even bloggers that he befriended with recently. Let’s hope that this story would also have a happy-end.


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